Racka Roofing has been focused on providing high quality, honest work.

Operating Manitoba-wide, with a focus on Winnipeg, Steinbach, and local surrounding communities, Racka has been committed to competitive prices and high quality craftsmanship. We also do significant work in cottage country reaching into Northwest Ontario. Our experience helps us serve our clients in a personal yet professional manner.

TRUST – Our talented personnel understand that your home is a prized possession. Rest assured that our veteran team will provide an expert installation.

DILIGENCE – Our accomplished team is committed to working efficiently to produce the highest quality end result for your home.

ATTENTIVENESS – We take pride in our meticulous workmanship and thorough worksite cleanup.

CONSIDERATION – We understand that as a homeowner, the decision to replace a roof can be stressful. You can count on Racka Roofing knowing that our competitive pricing, wide range of services and team of professionals will provide exceptional customer service and honest, hard work.

We believe our history, longevity and growth are a testament to our customer focus and quality of work. Our commitment to conducting ourselves in a professional, genuine and honest manner will make what could be a stressful experience, a pleasant one. We are committed to providing the same high level of expertise to every project we undertake, no matter how big or small it may be. Developing a positive, lasting relationship with our customers is key to our values.

Shingle Roofing

We understand that as a homeowner, the decision to replace a roof can be stressful. You can count on Racka knowing that our competitive pricing, wide range of services and team of professionals will provide exceptional customer service and honest, hard work. We take pride in our meticulous workmanship and thorough worksite cleanup. Fibreglass laminated shingles are among the highest quality roofing products made. An all-around good choice for most home roofing needs, most fibreglass shingles come with limited lifetime warranties.

CertainTeed logo


CertainTeed Atlantic Blue
Atlantic Blue
CertainTeed Burnt Sienna
Burnt Sienna
CertainTeed Cobblestone Gray
Cobblestone Gray
CertainTeed Colonial Slate
Colonial Slate
CertainTeed Cottage Red
Cottage Red
CertainTeed Driftwood
CertainTeed Georgetown Gray
Georgetown Gray
CertainTeed Heather Blend
Heather Blend
CertainTeed Hunter Green
Hunter Green
CertainTeed Moire Black
Moire Black
Landmark Pewter
CertainTeed Resawn Shake
Resawn Shake
CertainTeed Silver Birch
Silver Birch
CertainTeed Weathered Wood
Weathered Wood

Landmark PRO

CertainTeed PRO Max Def Burnt Sienna
Max Def Burnt Sienna
CertainTeed PRO Max Def Cobblestone Gray
Max Def Cobblestone Gray
CertainTeed PRO Max Def Colonial Slate
Max Def Colonial Slate
CertainTeed PRO Max Def Driftwood
Max Def Driftwood
CertainTeed PRO Max Def Georgetown Gray
Max Def Georgetown Gray
CertainTeed PRO Max Def Heather Blend
Max Def Heather Blend
CertainTeed PRO Max Def Hunter Green
Max Def Hunter Green
CertainTeed Max Def PRO Moire Black
Max Def Moire Black
CertainTeed PRO Max Def Prairie Wood
Max Def Prairie Wood
CertainTeed Max Def Resawn Shake
Max Def Resawn Shake
CertainTeed PRO Max Def Weathered Wood
Max Def Weathered Wood
CertainTeed PRO Max Def Silver Birch
Max Def Silver Birch
IKO  logo


Cambridge Aged Redwood
Aged Redwood
Cambridge Charcoal Grey
Charcoal Grey
Cambridge Dual Brown
Dual Brown
Cambridge Weatherwood
Cambridge Dual Grey
Dual Grey
Cambridge Driftwood
Cambridge Harvard Slate
Harvard Slate
Cambridge Dual Black
Dual Black
Cambridge Earthtone Cedar
Earthtone Cedar


Dynasty Biscayne
Dynasty Appalachian
Dynasty Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim
Shadow Brown
Monaco Red
Dynasty Cornerstone
Dynasty Glacier
Dynasty Sedona
Granite Black
Atlantic Blue
Emerald Green
Dynasty Castle Grey
Castle Grey


ArmourShake Chalet Wood
Chalet Wood
ArmourShake Greystone
ArmourShake Shadow Black
Shadow Black
ArmourShake Weathered Stone
Weathered Stone
ArmourShake Western Redwood
Western Redwood


Royal Estate Harvest Slate
Harvest Slate
Royal Estate Mountain Slate
Mountain Slate
Royal Estate Shadow Slate
Shadow Slate
Royal Estate Taupe Slate
Taupe Slate
Owens Corning logo

TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles

Owens Corning Brownwood
Owens Corning Chateau Green
Chateau Green
Owens Corning Driftwood
Owens Corning Estate Gray
Estate Gray
Owens Corning Harbour Blue
Harbour Blue
Owens Corning Onyx Black
Onyx Black
Owens Corning Sierra Gray
Sierra Gray
Owens Corning Teak

Commercial & Flat Roofing

We know that your roof is an important asset to your organization, and our accomplished contractors work efficiently to complete projects in a timely manner. Our solid reputation has earned us lasting relationships with our many customers. Past work includes: commercial office buildings, churches, hospitals, apartment complexes, amusement parks, historical/cultural sites and even grain elevators. In the last fourty years we have seen and done it all! No roof system is too big or too small for our company contractors and we take pride in each and every project we complete. We specialize in all commercial projects including, but not limited to asphalt, flat and metal roofing and repairs.

Flat roofs are very different than standard roofs. Often, Flat Roof repair requires more than a “band-aid” solution. Different roofing materials, roofing systems and building construction mean you need experienced and specialized assessments and the right solution plan to effectively deal with the problems.

Soffit, Fascia & Continuous Eavestroughs

Soffit and fascia provide a polished, finished look to your home and prevent moisture build up under your roof and in an attic. Aluminum is a good option because it requires little to no maintenance, and can be cleaned easily with the garden hose. Soffit, fascia and eaves can easily prevent animal and pest intrusion, improve air circulation and add value to your home. Gutter Guards area nice option for keeping your eaves functional. In the right situation gutter guards can help in preventing backups and clogged eaves, saving you a lot of trouble.

Give our experts a call for details on soffit, fascia, eaves and gutter guards to ensure the best possible solution for your home or business.


Kaycan Black SG
Black LG
Kaycan Cactus
Kaycan Charcoal
Kaycan Chocolate
Chocolate SG
Kaycan Commercial Brown
Commercial Brown
Kaycan Forest Green
Forest Green
Kaycan Ivory SG
Ivory SG
Kaycan Khaki
Kaycan Linen
Kaycan MC Beige
MC Beige
Kaycan MC Sandalwood
MC Sandalwood
Kaycan Mist Blue
Mist Blue
Kaycan Mocha
Kaycan Pearl Grey
Pearl Grey
Kaycan Prestige Beige
Prestige Beige
Kaycan Rustic Granite
Rustic Granite
Kaycan Sandalwood
Kaycan Slate Grey
Slate Grey
Kaycan White SG
White SG
Kaycan Wolf White
Wolf White


We install a wide variety of siding brands, styles, and materials. We work with vinyl, metal, wood, composite, and fiber cement siding products. We install Kaycan, Mitten, Gentek, CanExel, LP Smartside, James Hardie, Quality Stone, Allura by Taiga, and other brands.

Cedar Roofing

Cedar shakes and shingles are naturally beautiful and add distinct character to any home or cottage.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs have come of age, and now they look cool, urban and industrial, even on high end mansions. One of the best features of metal roofing is that it is fire resistant and insect proof, as it provides no food for wood boring insects such as termites or carpenter ants. In the right area standing seam metal roof can return excellent resale value.


All colours available for Pro-Rib.

Ask us about matte finish options for the Pro-Lock Profile for a low gloss textured look.


All Available Colours

Bone White
Bone White
Bright White
Bright White
Coffee Brown
Coffee Brown
Dark Brown
Dark Brown
Dark Red
Dark Red
Melchers Green
Melcher's Green

Pro-Rib only

Antique Linen
Antique Linen
Barn Red
Barn Red
Burnished Slate
Burnished Slate
Forest Green
Forest Green
Heron Blue
Heron Blue
Light Stone
Light Stone
MS Charcoal
MS Charcoal
Regent Grey
Regent Grey
Slate Blue
Slate Blue
Stone Grey
Stone Grey
Tile Red
Tile Red
Zinc Grey
Zinc Grey

Specialty Roofing

Racka Roofing offers a number of specialty roofing options in Manitoba and Northwest Ontario. Below are descriptions of our main specialty roofing products including products that mimic the look of traditional shakes and tile roofs.

Enviroshake logo

Enviroshake composite roofing products are designed to replicate the natural appearance of cedar and slate with the longevity and durability natural products simply can’t duplicate. While backed by a lifetime warranty, Enviroshake has been tested for all markets to meet the highest ratings in the roofing industry. Rest assured for many years to come with minimal maintenance and a roof that will protect and enhance the curb appeal of your home. When choosing your next roof, Enviroshake is the perfect choice.


Silvered Cedar
Aged Cedar


Onyx Black
Charcoal Grey
Stone Grey
Sage Green
Plum Purple

The strength and durability of a stone coated steel roof is combined with the versatile good looks of a tile, shake or shingle style to provide you the optimal roof solution. Decra panels have a unique interlocking design that withstand high winds while adding shear strength.


Tuscan Sunset

Shake XD

Antique Chestnut
Pinnacle Grey

Shingle XD

Old Hickory
Natural Slate
Midnight Eclipse
Classic Cobblestone
Euroshield logo

EUROSHIELD® Roofing Products were created 19 years ago with the goal of diverting and recycling the tremendous deluge of used tires ultimately destined for landfill. Years of research and development led to the creation of a unique formula, containing approximately 95% recycled materials, for the production of the world’s finest synthetic roofing products available on the market today. From 250 to 1,000 rubber tires are used in the production of a EUROSHIELD® roof for an average-sized home. Scrap material generated during the installation process can be collected and recycled again – virtually eliminating environmentally harmful waste.

Euroshield manufactures Slate profiles (EuroSlate and Heritage Slate) and Shake profiles (Harvest Shake, Beaumont Shake, and Heritage Shake).


Weathered Brown



Harvest Shake


Beaumont Shake

Saxon Black

Heritage Slate

Rustic Brown
Charcoal Black
Sterling Grey